Hello! My name is Cole and I can’t wait to see how this website grows and develops over time!

What kind of news will you write about?

I plan on covering the following on a daily or weekly basis:

  • National Controversies
  • Obscure News Stories
  • Issues of General Policy
  • Cultural Phenomena

Where can I find PolitiCole content?

I have been think a lot about this as of late, but I have decided to currently limit my content to both Instagram and the main website. Once, I should probably say “if,” there is enough demand, I plan on releasing some sort of audiovisual medium that seeks to answer weekly, or even daily, politics and culture.

What is the PolitiCole bent of your writing?

I strongly strive to avoid association with one movement, dogma, or ideology, as I find that the only person who uniquely represents my views is myself. You can find that I am, in the American sense, more traditionally conservative in the realms of political correctness and identity politics, but I also dive quickly more left when discussing healthcare, police reform, and immigration. It’s a mixed bag, really. And I can confidently say that I change my opinions—openly and freely. I started as a lefty in middle school, swung far right—not too far, though—in high school, and started to average out as I expanded my connections in college.

Wait, you’re in college?

Yes, and I love it!

What’s the dream?

Well, I would love to become a PolitiCole commentator, pun intended, but I am really just waiting to see where this site and my experiences in college take me; if anything is true, its that:

“The only constant in life is change.”

-Some hyper-fetishized philosopher or stoner

Let’s just say I hate your website…?

Then leave and tell your smart friends to come read what I have to say. Sheesh.

Can I write something and submit it here?

Of course! Everyone can be somewhat PolitiCole, just not as well as I can!


I hope that you too will join the PolitiCole Revolution!